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Running a Home Business While Homeschooling I Life Essentially

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Running a Home Business While Homeschooling

Inspire The Sprouts did an interview with me on homeschooling while running a home based business before they launched their latest book on Amazon. We talked about the fears of not being able to do it all. (which is funny, you can hear the doggy in the background, but not the kid... she was doing homeschool work! #automation) I can't wait until the interview comes out, so that I can share it with you. 

However a while ago she and I did another interview because of how I've mastered my own life with all of my holistic issues (food allergies, and where I talk about how that has impacted me. 

This is a big reason why I choose to homeschool. My daughter has severe allergies, and I just don't feel safe sending my daughter to school and putting her life at risk. There are people that don't understand allergies, and I've seen some horrible ways that not just kids, but parents in the public school system address food allergies. There still isn't a lot of information out there in the public schools that address what these kids are going through. 

For me, I was fearful of running a wellness consultation while having a child at home, but having a system in place is what defines what your business and homeschool will look like. That is the way I like to approach life is a simplistic approach, and to help others get the same out of their life.

Gve it a try if you feel the calling. It WILL be worth it! 

I couldn't run this wellness business without delegated some of what I am required to do to keep my business and home running up to par. I couldn't be successful with social media marketing without a system. I have my business automated with my system, and my homeschooling automated for our homeschool lessons, but the real truth is that being so much a part of your child's life is worth it! 

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