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Are You Feeling Cold? The Histamine Connection I Life Essentially Personal Journey

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Feeling Cold? 

Your body temperature has been linked to lots of issues, but the ones I see when I've researched the most are: 

Are You Feeling Cold I Histamine Reactions Adrenal Fatigue MTHFR Essential Oils Life Essentially

Maybe you have Adrenal Fatigue and/or Copper Toxicity?? I always recommend wellness clients get a full work up from their primary doc if they are having similar issues.

You know they say if you have a copper toxicity in your tissues from lack of copper binding proteins you'll have a struggle with your histamine levels as well.  High Histamine is are often equated with  estrogen dominance symptom because of under-methylation. And with all of my allergies I am no stranger to histamine. When we have high histamine, like I do, it is the cause of my adrenals becoming the innocent victims of this toxic realm. B12 slows down histamine release which is why vegans often struggle the right balance of histamine levels and the result is small amounts of PCOS symptoms that seem to come and go. But if you are an under-metalator... B12 is not your friend. I have a friend that I had get the MTHFR test, and she of course found out she couldn't methylate B12. So if you are supplementing, you probably should find out if you have any MTHFR symptoms if you have the genetic defect or not.  Sorry, but true. You need B12 dearly, and you have to get it naturally not in supplementation. Look up Dr. Ben Lynch to learn more about MTHFR.

The best sources or B12 in foods are: Sardines, Salmon, Tuna, Cod, Lamb, Scallops. One serving of any of these will give 100% of your B12 needed.

And when I take a b-complex... look out... my anxiety goes through the roof... its folate I need not folic acid. An alternate MTHFR mutation... ugh. Right?

The key is you to clear out more than just your colon. You need to clear out your system all the way through to the tissues. That can't be done in a quick cleanse. It takes a natural, healthy routine in your life. Change your lifestyle, and how you look at your support system.

Do a wellness consult and see how I can help. Believe me that you can feel better if you do the process, and use the products. 

Learn more about essential oils

Barbara Christensen - Life Essentially

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