So Many Essential Oil Network Marketing Companies I Which One is For You?

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Do You Know How Many Essential Oil Network Marketing Companies There Are?

So how many of these essential oil companies are there? 

Be Young
Forever Green Compass
Forever Living
goDésana | A Green Organics International
Jordan Essentials
Nature Rich Inc.
Nature's Sunshine
New Sun
Symmetric Direct
Simply Aroma
VEO Natural
Waiora USA, Inc
Young Living Essential Oils

And every day they are growing because people are increasingly using essential oils. I am sure there are a bunch I've missed.

So how do you know which company is right for you?

It's not that different from dating. You want to know about the company, where do they source their oils from, you want to know if you are a fit for the team if you are joining the team, and you want to know that if you do join that you can make some money.

Did I just say that?

Yes, you should make some money if you are going to sell a product. Otherwise you are just getting a discount. Keep that in mind when trying to determine what your real why is for looking into a company.

And just because you think something isn't for you, I always say explore it and research. I didn't want to date my husband initially. Thank GOODNESS he won me over! He is my soulmate!! The love of my life!

My relationship with essential oils once I tried them is very true to my own relationship with my husband. On our second date I knew I was going to marry my husband. Truly I did. When something works, it just does.

Initially I didn't even want to try essential oils. I didn't want to go out with my husband either. So there you go. Went to a party, there were a ton of aromas, got a headache and thought, "Wow!! This isn't what I need around my house."

Of course when my daughter started having severe asthma and was put on daily steroids and I saw that impact, I had to try something natural. But for my daughter, I knew it had to be the best.

Do I always only use this one brand?

Not always. I have sources that I've gotten from the industry for oils that this company just doesn't offer you. But when it comes to that basic must have oils, they are my go to for myself and my family. Certified, batch tested and I have instant results to all of that information. That is something I love.

Take a chance and see if you'll fall in love with their products as well. Want to learn more ... Start HERE

So Many Essential Oil Network Marketing Companies I Which One is For You?  Ameo Essential Oils Barbara Christensen

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