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Boy Can That Doggy Smell I Essential Oils And Dogs

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Boy Can That Doggy Smell

Boy Can That Doggy Smell I Essential Oils And Dogs Life Essentially Barbara Christensen Ameo
No, I am not talking about the fact that my dog needs a bath, in a big way. What I am talking about is how to use essential oils with your animals. I get asked all the time about using essential oils with dogs. Especially here in my hometown of Seattle Washington where there are more dogs than children.

But even more so than children, we need to remember that animals are different. And dogs noses have the Olfactory receptors that we could never understand. 300 million to our 5 million. So when you think essential oil dilution for a child for your aromatherapy, really think big about dilution for your animal for aromatherapy. A little will truly go a long way. 

Also not every essential oil is something that should be used on your dog. So you need to make sure that you taking care to talk to a good natural vet about how to properly use essential oils with your dog.

I love lavender, for calming, of course. But the best calming for your doggy is a hug from you. 

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