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Green Cleaning With Essential Oils I Barbara Christensen Aroma Coaching

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Green Cleaning With Essential Oils

I read a great blog post, showing families how to save money AND save the planet with these all-natural, effective cleaners using essential oils. Great recipes, too.

I did a webinar last year all about this. Have you ever wanted to clean up your home in a way that was safe, natural and non-toxic? I'll be sharing on this webinar the Greener Cleaner way of Cleaning and teaching you why you want to use essential oils for cleaning

You can print the following PDF to follow along for actual captions of the event since the YouTube Captions are just silly most of the time. I did a shorter version earlier today with some moms that couldn't attend tonight and that version is just below. 
This is something so near and dear to my heart, and I will share a little personal information about why I turned to essential oils for myself, and for my daughter. And what kind of an impact it has had on our lives since we got rid of the environmental toxins that we were dealing with from the commercial cleaners we were using in our home.

Learn more about essential oils

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  1. There are green products available to use in every setting or room in a building. There are all surface kits available in the market that are filled with green cleaning supplies.

    1. Just as long as you read the labels, and I'm sure you do.:) Great report here - - that you may have an interest in. Thanks Sun Dry!

  2. Commercial inexperienced cleaners can kill your finances as you keep the planet: that’s why they’re called “inexperienced.” But now no longer all green cleaners fee a lot. We’ve observed store-offered inexperienced cleaners and ordinary pantry merchandise as a way to scour your rest room for pennies in line with gallon. So don’t throw greenbacks down the drain as you come to be chemically independent. Try those bathroom cleaning service; they’re type to the surroundings and for your wallet.



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