aromatherapist Seattle

How to Create Your Own Essential Oil Perfume Blend

9:27 AM
cleaning essential oils

Essential Oils Q&A

2:29 PM
calcium bentonite clay

Alternative To Charcoal Masks For Detoxing The Skin

11:25 AM

Herbs That Help With Digestion

9:32 AM

Learn More About "Tea Tree" Or Melaleuca As We Call It

2:49 PM
Alignment with oils

Barbara Christensen Vlogcast I Apr 13 2017 I Chakras, Meridians and The Power Of Oils

12:38 PM
Aromatherapy Emotions

The Deep Emotions Of Blame

10:37 AM
calming oils

Bring On The Peaceful Child... Or Household

10:20 PM
5 essential oils

Emotional Balance With Essential Oils & Aromatherapy

11:45 AM

Bergamot Essential Oil I Self Acceptance Support Oil

10:07 AM
AMEO oils

Epilepsy and Essential Oil Dangers I Life Essentially Aromatherapist Barbara Christensen

10:00 AM


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