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Great reason to use a Probiotic Defense Formula I Life Essentially Aroma Coaching

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Great reason to use the Probiotic Defense Formula

Did you really need another reason to use a Probiotic Defense Formula, or fully micronutritional probiotic? In resent clinical studies on mice, Vincent Young at the University of Michigan Medical School found that a certain antibiotic permanently decreased the diversity of the animals' "microbiota"—the trillions of microscopic bugs that inhabit the gut and which may be very beneficial.

Great reason to use the Probiotic Defense Formula I Wellness Advocate Life Essentially PB Assist DoTERRA
For so many people, those with problems detoxing, those taking antibiotics, those with fatigue, metabolic or pain issues, or really everyone could use a good probiotic the research is showing recently. The ones I use can even be feed to your infant I was told at the a convention from the doctor that hosted a Pediatrician session. Amazing stuff!!

If you have talked to me, you know that I am all about addressing our leaky gut issues and repopulating my good gut flora. A good step  Dr. Mark Hyman has said, is to follow a Paleo vegetarian diet plan that focuses in on the microbiome supporting nutrients.

For someone like myself and many of my friends, our bodies are making excess androgens and I watched a video by Dr. Berg that addressed the 3 common reasons for this. I find this really interesting that he said that aromatase is an enzyme produced in the body that is needed for the final step in the production of estrogen as part of the hormonal cascade during which hormones are made from other hormones in a series of conversions. This enzyme converts androgen to estrogen. Resent research studies have shown that Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, kills weeds by interfering with what is called the shikimate pathway. This pathway is essential in plants for the synthesis of a class of amino acids called the "aromatics." But this pathway is nonexistent in any mammalian cell. 

By simple logic, the fact that our cells don't have this pathway means that glyphosate cannot harm us. Is there a fallacy in this argument?

Weston Price's website says that "While mammals don't possess the shikimate pathway, all of the microbes that take up residence in our digestive tract do have this pathway, and exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, will cause them serious stress as a consequence. Studies have shown that glyphosate disrupts the gut bacteria in chickens, 54 cows,29 and pigs,10 causing inflammation in the gut along with an overgrowth of pathogenic forms and concurrent loss of beneficial bacteria. It is now becoming apparent that our gut bacteria, which outnumber our own cells by a factor of ten to one, play many important roles in supplying nutrients and protecting us from toxins." (

Do you need first off, another reason to eat organic non-GMO foods? What about dealing with the insulin/sugar conversion going on in your body? Third, do you need another reason to detoxify? Another reason maybe to add this probiotic defense formula into your routine to help those little microbes come back and flourish in your gut? Talk to your doctor some easy changes you can make for better gut health. 

Join me by getting healthy from the inside out. I'm going to share a very short video and discussion on changing how you look at the food you choose to buy at the grocery store. 

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