Gratitude and Joy Increase Happiness Exponentially

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Gratitude and Joy Increase Happiness Exponentially

We've explored the concept of gratitude and how it relates to cultivating contentment. I think it's such an important topic that I'd like to circle around to discuss it again. The ideas of gratitude, contentment and happiness are all interconnected. We all want to be happy. Striving for happiness is part of the human condition. If you knew that how grateful you are in life were to contribute to your overall happiness, wouldn't you try to bring more graciousness into your everyday existence? I know I would. In fact, since making it a habit to be grateful for the good things I possess, I've found myself to be much more satisfied, even happy, from day to day. Let me show you what I mean.

An attitude of gratitude is a powerful thing. If you consciously practice gratitude, you will give a boost of  of rewarding neurotransmitters. This goes back to how your brain develops patterns of connections that work to develop certain habits. When you're grateful and positive about life, this loop begins to repeat in your mind. Unfortunately, our brains are hardwired for the negative. Therefore, it takes a concerted effort to overcome natural instincts toward pessimism and complaint. Being grateful and acknowledging what you have helps to do just that and to build the contentment so many of us seek.

Happiness goes beyond just being content. It has to do with creating an ease in finding joy. It's not simply being satisfied and expands to feeling fulfilled. One who is happy with their life possesses a range of emotions that transcends the various aspects of their existence. When you're happy, you experience that state and emotion throughout your personal and professional life. You feel it even when every little thing isn't perfect. It is a feeling of overall life satisfaction. Being happy has been shown to be beneficial to our overall well-being. Mental and physical health are improved through attaining this state, and even your immune system gets a boost when you're happy.

If gratitude leads to contentment, which then can result in the overarching state of happiness, it would seem crucial that we begin to understand ways to cultivate gratitude. There are lots of ways you can conscious work toward being more grateful for all the good you possess. One of the most proven and successful is to write in a gratitude journal each night before going to bed. List three to five things that you are thankful for. It's best if you choose specific occurrences from your day, but it's okay to repeat some general items from day to day. Spending time with your loved ones and engaging in self-care are other good ways to bring about feelings of gratefulness. When you're with those you love, you get a rush of the feel-good hormones that help you to see how fortunate you are in life. Taking care of yourself by eating well, going for a walk or otherwise treating yourself once in a while can boost your mood of gratitude when you begin to get complacent in life.

Being grateful boosts happiness through regular bouts of contentment. You'll begin to notice this impact when you start to practice being grateful. As with other skills, embracing gratitude takes time and repetition. Soon, you'll begin to feel comfortable leaning into this newfound habit.

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