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Exploring Aromatherapy I Amazon Essential Oil Training Book Published I Barbara Christensen

We all know that nature has something more to offer us. I spent the last year putting this book together with the information that I craved when I was a new aromatherapist. I would love to know if you order the book, so please leave a review so that those people that don't know me, or my passion for essential oils, have a little idea of how amazing the book is.

When the book launches on the first, you will see why I am an essential oil and aromatherapy junkie, and why I always order a gob of oils this time of year (however I got a gob of oils at no cost, so there's that) and why aromatherapy should be a part of the education our kids are getting. The more we teach about nature, body energy, and other alternatives, I really think the better this world will get. Make bath bombs, not war. From January 1st through the 15th the paperback will be on sale for just $14.95.

This book provides the chemistry, subtle body and therapeutic uses of essential oils including:

Chapter One: Exploring Aromatherapy : What are essential oils? {Enjoy a Sneak Peek of this first chapter today FREE}

Chapter Two: Exploring History : The history of how plant medicine evolved into an essential oil revolution.

Chapter Three: Olfactory System : How does our formed sense of smell and this sensory system work to our advantage when using aromatherapy?

Chapter Four: Aroma Chemistry : Chemical makeup of essential oil molecular compounds.

Chapter Five: Biophilia Hypothesis : Why do we seek connections with nature.

Chapter Six: Methods of Use : How to use essential oils, and the safety required with oil use.

Chapter Seven: Plant Spirits : Through much of history there is a practice of spiritual elemental teachings for traditional healers.

Chapter Eight: Chakra Balance : Basic understanding of the chakra systems in relationship to aromatherapy work.

Chapter Nine: Chakra Balance II : Advanced training of the chakra systems in relationship to aromatherapy work.

Chapter Ten: Emotional Support : How does aromatherapy have influence over your thoughts, emotions, moods, memories, and behaviors.

Chapter Eleven: Oil Identification : In depth look at fifty of the most used essential oils in aromatherapy practice.

Chapter Twelve: EntreAromatherapy : Ways that businesses are using essential oils to increase revenue.

Chapter Thirteen: Case Studies : How to create an aromatherapy case studies, and what to consider before any essential oil use or client recommendations.

You all are going to LOVE this book. I put my heart and soul in it to give you the information you have wanted, in the only geeky manner I know how. Click on the link below to order today.

Learn About Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Book

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