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Happiness is Having Essential Oils On Vacation I Life Essentially Aroma Coach

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Having Essential Oils On Vacation 

I was never so happy to have essential oils on vacation as I was in California. See we live in the Seattle Washington area, and so we don't see nearly as much sunshine as we like to think we do. With all of the tummy issues, and breathing problems my family has, and my husband and his sore joints; I don't travel without essential oils

Well of course the first day we were out and about I got the sunscreen on my daughter everywhere but her face when I reapplied. 
After the day at Sea World I realized I forgot her face with the sunscreen. That night she got out of the shower and I was having that 'horrible mom guilt". You know the feeling. I was ever so thankful for the fact that we brought oils on our trip. Applied lavender essential oil and coconut oil and as you can see the sunburn was gone in the morning.

Have you ever traveled with essential oils? 

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Barbara Christensen - Life Essentially

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