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The Power Within the Energy of Gratitude

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The Power Within the Energy of Gratitude I Life Essentially Aromatherapy

There is great benefits when we are choosing to be content, and working in the moment. Contentment doesn't come naturally to everyone. Being mindfully aware of what we are doing is not a natural state in this abstract dimension. In fact, our neurons are actually wired to seek out all energy, and it will latch onto the negative side of things more readily than the good.Perhaps it is because we tend to make those negative thoughts carry so much weight from lifetime to lifetime, from moment to moment. They are what change the epigenetic expressions from grandparent to parent to us. However, now that you are aware of all the ways in which choosing fulfillment over lack can impact your life for the better, I want to share with you one powerful tool to help you reach your goal. I'm talking about being grateful for all you have. There's definitely power in gratitude. Join me, and I'll explain just what I mean.

Let's start by defining gratitude for our purposes. There are lots of contexts in which this concept comes into play. It goes beyond simply uttering the words, "thank you," or expressing our thankfulness during appropriate times. Gratitude is a complex emotion. It's a state of being and attitude. This topic plays an important role in the field of positive psychology, in which it is seen as a deep appreciation that leads to lasting positive results. Gratitude is acknowledgement of a gift that is given to you. This gift can be something tangible received from a friend or it can simply be the good things in your life.

The acknowledgement and recognition of the gifts you possess is key to the power of gratitude. Various fields embrace the concept of being grateful and recognize its benefits. Self-help gurus, psychological researchers, religious leaders and philosophers are among these groups. As a reminder from yesterday's discussion, I'd like to re-visit some of the main advantages that come from having a grateful heart. Essential oils that can open you up to inviting gratitude in can include Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Spruce, and of course all of the citrus oils are very uplifting and releasing for the energetic emotions that you may be holding onto.

Making a conscious effort to feel gratitude has a powerful direct effect on your contentment. The reason is that being grateful allows you to move the focus from yourself onto other aspects outside of that narrow scope. Expanding your view lets you truly appreciate more than you would when you're obsessively centered on you and all that is being done to you or happening to you in a negative manner. Whether you're acknowledging the good in others or recognizing your life's blessings, this focus outside of yourself is significant in increasing contentment and well-being.

See how gratitude benefits you and helps you to feel more content across the board? Cultivating those feelings of thankfulness takes practice, but it's an endeavor that pays out in the long run. Give it a shot to see the benefits for yourself

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