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Choose Congruency Over Complaints

9:43 AM

Choose Congruency Over Complaints I Life Essentially Aromatherapy

What can you invite into your life right now, that will bring an awareness that disallows complaints to control your being?

Congruency is the act of being in the moment. Any day now you will start understand the ways in which the brain changes in response to regular complaining. You're also aware that these patterns can be changed, making positive thinking come more naturally with practice. While it won't be easy to break the complaining habit, it might help to understand the benefits of choosing contentment, and congruency, over complaints. When you make a proactive decision to kick complaints to the curb, you'll start to see a number of good things happen.

One of the first things you may note is that you feel more relaxed. Letting go of gripes about things you probably can't change anyway will lead you to feel less stressed. Complaining on a regular basis can cause you to feel frenzied and on edge. Deciding to try to change your perspective when things don't go your way can increase your relaxation and lower your stress.

Ending the complaint cycle is likely to lead to greater happiness. When you consciously decide to make a change, you usually engage in some self-assessment. You take a hard look at what's bringing you down, what's at the root of your dissatisfaction. Not to mention the ways in which your brain begins to restructure itself. Your neurons will begin to form efficient connections toward more positive thinking, and your levels of the stress hormone cortisol will begin to decrease. Happier feelings are just around the corner when you start to complain less.

Speaking of connection, your relationships with other people will surely improve when you drop the Paula Pouting routine. People will be more enthusiastic about connecting with you. No one likes to be around people who are negative all the time. In addition, once you begin to make a conscious effort to lessen your moaning and groaning about others, you'll naturally feel more empathy and compassion toward them. This type of understanding goes a long way toward strengthening bonds between people.

As you begin to achieve some success when you reframe your complaint into a statement of the moment or even into a question, you'll start to feel more confident and secure in yourself. It's empowering to know that you're in charge of your feelings and actions. This boost in self-esteem is likely to build on itself, allowing you to feel stronger in other decisions across your life. It's amazing how making one small change can be the catalyst for making even bigger alterations to your life.

These are merely a few of the ways your life will improve when you choose contentment over complaints. I'm excited for you to discover all the great things that are yet to come

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