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Shift Your Energy to a Positive Polarity

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Shift Your Energy to a Positive Polarity

A new awareness takes practice. However sometimes the biggest nudge forward that you can make, and the toughest suggestion I have to offer, is to get rid of negative energy in your life. Cutting people off is difficult and painful. It's hard to sever a connection with someone who may have been important to you, but allowing toxic people to bring you down with their constant negativity is harmful to yourself. Ultimately, it may be better for you to put yourself and your own needs first. If you can't eliminate a negative person from your life completely, at least make an effort to spend less time around them. Once you do, you'll probably feel like a weight has lifted from you and being positive will come easier. You can always reevaluate things later.

As you start to move forward with awareness, notice how a smile changes it. Yes, a simple gesture like smiling can turn your whole attitude around, and change the energy in a room. It's hard to feel cranky when you're smiling. Give it a shot. Smile at strangers on the street or colleagues in the hallway at work. A good mood tends to follow a genuine smile, both your own and the recipient's. Smiles really are contagious.

Set some targets for yourself. Being able to look ahead to the future with hope and anticipation will do wonders for your outlook. When we're feeling stuck in a rut, it's far easier to let things bring us down. These targets can be personal, professional or something else entirely. Just be sure it's an objective emotional vision that excites you in order to keep your motivation and your spirits high.

Sometimes just changing the way your office looks can change the energy. Be it feng shui, or sacred geometry, sometimes you just need something different. Flowers, photos, colors all can lift your mood and perk up your thinking, and it could really help to brighten your surroundings a bit to make these sorts of changes. The things you see around you have an impact on how you feel. If you want to feel more positive, add some uplifting elements to your atmosphere. In my aromatherapy course I talk about this idea of nature and aroma as biophilia design component. This small idea can go far to turning your mood around in the spaces you spend the most time not just because of the hypothesis of nature and our body connections, but I believe because of the plant spirits.

Sometimes you have to get out of your own way and out of your own head if you want to change your perspective. One awesome way to do that is to help others. It can be in a small, informal way or by throwing yourself into a big project. Whether it's offering assistance to your overworked colleague or starting a huge philanthropic campaign, helping others can totally change your negative attitude. And by change your attitude by serving others, I don't mean serving others to get likes on social media. Sometimes it is the awareness you have in the moment, without the pat on the back, that makes the biggest long term impact.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to bring some sunshine into your life. Perhaps you can build upon them and find ways that are personal and meaningful to push you along the path to a more positive polarity.

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