Bergamot Essential Oil I Self Acceptance Support Oil

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Self Acceptance Support Oil 

Bergamot essential oil is all about self love, self acceptance and self approval. Carry it with you and use in conjunction with positive affirmations every time a self-critical thought arises throughout the day. You want to apply it over your solar plexus each morning when you first step out of the shower. This allows for dilution as well as for the critical support you crave. The area known as the solar plexus is a central chakra, and is so intertwined with everything throughout your emotional being because of its radiating nerve fibers. It stems from the abdomen located halfway between the belly button and into the chest.

Bergamot is the oil that will help you release the negative patterns you keep tracing over. Those patterns of self deprecation and self hatred. It pushes your low self-esteem out the door and brings in authenticity and life choices that are aligned to you, not following what others desire. I like to combine this with EFT tapping practices in coaching sessions. 

Believe in this truth!! 

Even though self love is not one of my strengths I am learning to be okay with this. 

Even though I don't know how to love myself, that I've always had trouble with this, that I feel incapable of directing love to myself I am learning that love comes in many forms

Even though I feel unlovable, I know that I am loved. 

Even though I feel like there is something wrong with me, and I feel like I am destined to be this way for the rest of my life, I am okay with who I am. 

Even though I was never taught to love myself, I am open to new possibilities because I am ready to learn. 

Even though I am not sure how to start directing love towards myself, part of me is looking forward to walking down a different path. 

Even though I am my toughest critic, part of me appreciates the honestly I am sharing and the courage in my soul will carry me through this. 

Even though today has been hard, I feel determined to stand stronger, make small shifts, and I will learn how to love myself more each day. 

Bergamot Essential Oil I Self Acceptance Support Oil  Ameo Life Essentially

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