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Barbara Christensen Vlogcast I Apr 13 2017 I Chakras, Meridians and The Power Of Oils

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Barbara Christensen Vlogcast I Apr 13 2017 I Chakras, Meridians and The Power Of Oils

I wanted to share a little about the power of alignment, and how we a naturally created for it.

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Partial Transcript:

Welcome to the Barbara Christensen Vlogcast. I am so thrilled to be back and talking to you after taking a little bit of a break to define where I wanted this podcast to go and how I wanted to share my passion. I realized that there were so many well running holistic podcasts out there that were really aligned to what I was delivering, but not a lot in the energy and natural arts sector where I am really engaged. Knowing how you feel, and knowing how to clarify that is a revolution and hopefully you will agree.

If food is thy medicine, then energy is our heartbeat. I love that {hip poc ratees} Hippocrates really moved us with both of those ideas. First he said, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” and secondly he said, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” This is that opportunity. As I have said before just like that tangible paper, spiritual or abundant, or say manifested energy is no less real than any other energy, like electricity for example, but is vastly more important. Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Spiritual energy is what we call prana and also known as “universal life force” or {cee} “qi” and is carried by pure love. Our bodies were built with that universal template of giving and receiving. As a machine of cells that is really all that we are doing. Giving and receiving throughout the day. In fact when you hug someone it’s not just that hormonal joy that you receive, but it’s a microbiome based exchange that takes place as our microbiome are not just confined to our inner cells. The are permeating throughout our bodies and if magnified via a very powerful microscope you would see that it surrounds you, as does your energy, like the dust storm that surrounds PigPen the Peanuts character.

So this the circulating life force is qi and it emits vibrant, bright colors that we call our aura, as well as a vibrational frequency, and a sound. When it becomes disturbed, stagnant, imbalanced or depleted, that’s when we start to feel it physically and our aura becomes darker and discolored, personal frequency vibrates incorrectly. That also is when we feel those meridians or energy pathways and chakras (energy centers) feel stuck and blocked up. Energy stops flowing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine used this system of energy through acupressure points. The meridians are pathways that connect the acupressure points to each other as well as to the internal organs. Think about how your veins carry the blood supply through your body. The meridians carry the energy through your body. Our chakras carry Universal Life Energy in and out of our physical and spiritual selves. It’s that link to something infinite. Your chakras do parallel the Meridian paths in your body.

How many of us have struggled with this feeling of being unwell and yet you just can’t connect the dots. I think we all have been there, especially those of us that have fixed one aliment only to find another. I have to say that in my life there was a time where I never could have imagined that I had the power to prevent a lot of my struggles just by being aligned, just by allowing that energy to flow.

If you have listened to me before you know that we are receptors of the energy of the universe. It starts in the universe, and it connects to our systems. We all have a common understanding now of the connection between the gut and the brain but we don’t get that the give and receive goes beyond our physical systems. We receive energy, the energy must go somewhere in order to complete the circuit. Today my daughter’s science class went throughout the school testing different items to figure out what they could use to complete a circuit. Would a wooden block work, or a stainless steel strainer. How do we complete this circuit? You won’t complete the circuit if there is no creation happening, and creation doesn’t just mean making something from scratch. Sometimes it means remaking something or releasing something that isn’t yours to begin with. Once that energy goes back into the collective unconscious, the cycle repeats indefinitely because each action requires reaction over and over again. You release something that’s not yours, you open up the space to bring in the energy you need. There’s that infinite ability here to be both receiving and giving while healing your body and soul. We are receiving information – energy – in a non-linear way. Downloads of energy that open us to feelings or inner sight, inspiring us to creative expression. Gut to brain, energy and life. Live whole and you will find all of these informational pods that are just for you!

So what is your chakras? How do we align them? Thousands of years ago there were no research corporations, and so how did we fix things. If we look back we find that there was an understanding of the body being connected to something more. In ancient Egypt they used nature, in the form of essential oils and herbs to heal the body-energy connections. Simplified your chakras are energy organs. You have to care for them as you would an arm or your heart. The meridians start deep within our organs, and connect to the energy centers which are these tornados of energy. If you look a cell is has a fully functional system in it. It talks to other cells using energy. Sparks of life. This signaling from cell to cell requires first the right nutrition to get that proper frequency. What happens in the best case is glycoproteins are completely formed. We have no missing nutrients and our cells spark the information of life to each other with complete joy in their work. Without the proper nutrition they are like foreign diplomats and there is little communication, lots of misunderstandings and we lose energy, start aging, get sick and start sending the wrong messages.

This is highly connected to the meridians. This isn’t just granola science. Not that long ago scientists at Seoul National University confirmed the existence of meridians. They call them the the “primo-vascular system” which they say is a crucial part of the cardiovascular system. Researchers now believe this system is in fact the physical component of the system involved in channelling the flow of energy and information relayed by biophotons (electromagnetic waves of light) and DNA. They were able to prove this by injecting dye into acupuncture points using contrast CT imaging with radiation they were able to see thin lines. These did not show up at non-acupuncture point sites where there are no meridians.

As well clinical studies of thousands in both Russian and Louisville have clinically proven the existence of chakras. In the one they used a small electrical current that is connected to the fingertips, pulsed through the body. What happened was our bodies naturally respond with a kind of ‘electron cloud’ made up of light photons. This glow was captured with an optical CCD camera system and then translated onto a computer. Each sect of the fingertip represented different organs and systems in the body. The computer program projected the figure of a body and placed a type of auric cloud around it that corresponded with each chakra. At Harvard Medical school they found that when an acupuncture point is stimulated it sends a signal to a corresponding part of the brain that then has a reaction and that “preliminary results (based upon functional MRI readings) suggest that the acupuncture needle manipulation modulates the activity of the limbic system and subcortical structures. What else do we know that connects with the limbic system? Essential oils?

Held in your chakras is your history, the obstacles to your growth, your vulnerabilities to illnesses and your soul’s longing.

– Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

We quite literally depend for survival on our mammalian “limbic brain,” although the “lizard brain” is the get thing done sort of guy. So that’s the First and Second Chakras doing things based on emotion, and the Third and Fourth where the emotions live. As we develop and repattern our minds our souls are healthier and feel well and open up new ways of thinking in the Fifth and Sixth Chakras. But we have to first release the underlying memories … be the ones from traumas or the ones we’ve carried from generations or even prior lives. The drivers are those third and fourth chakras. In truth they’ve determined there are 145 chakras, so we’d spend a lot of time if we tried to focus in on all of them. The top seven chakras connect to seven endocrine glands and we can then connect those to meridians and that to organs throughout our body. And we start with the oils and then work out way out into more defined self work most of the time.

As a Reiki Master I focus in on first allowing energy into the body to do it’s good will. Grounding and aligning the chakras

So what are the basic chakras {missing}

When we inhale a fragrance, the odor molecules travel up the nose where they are trapped by our olfactory membranes, that lining inside the nose. You inhale and it will float to the back of the nasal cavity. Each odor molecule fits like a little puzzle piece into specific receptor cells lining a membrane known as the olfactory epithelium or olfactory membrane. This olfactory membrane is a layer of cells on the roof of the nasal cavity. Olfactory receptor cells are the only neurons in the nervous system that are regularly replaced, lasting about about 4 to 8 weeks. This olfactory membrane is three layers of cells: the supporting cells, the olfactory receptor cells, and the basal cells. The supporting cells function as metabolic and physical support for the olfactory cells, which are actually neurons. The basal cells are stem cells and are the source for new receptors capable of division. These Basal cells can differentiate into either supporting or olfactory cells. However those neurons called the Brush cells are what respond to odors with an electrical impulse directed to the olfactory bulb.

Your olfactory bulb has sensory receptors that are actually part of the brain which send messages directly to that lizard brain, our most primitive brain centers where it influences emotions and memories, as well as where the “Higher” centers modify our conscious thought.

This amazing brain center perceives odors and then accesses your memories to remind us about people, places, or events associated with these olfactory sensations. This is the most powerful of our five senses and 10,000 times more sensitive than any other of the senses you have. It's an immediate reaction.

Because of the immediate connection we have to odors within our limbic system, it's easy to see that aromatherapy can impact memory and mood as well as behavior. The structures of the limbic system are responsible for the release of different neurotransmitters like endorphins, and to promote the production and release of various neurotransmitters which impact the nervous system. Research has been done using learned odors. In mice under anesthesia and in conscious sheep they have been able to see an increase in release of both glutamate and GABA in the olfactory bulb in response to these learned odors. Glutamate and GABA are the brain's most plentiful neurotransmitters. Over half of all of your brain synapses use glutamate, and 30-40% use GABA. And these two neurotransmitters have a complex and interconnected relationship and they have such a huge impact on so many different areas of our mental , physical and spiritual wellness. Glutamate is that excited neuron. Where GABA is that relaxing neuron. Your GI tract is packed with GABA receptors, and supports the healthy levels of antibodies that protect our gut and mucous linings from harm. This is a huge part of your immune system which brings us right back to the gut brain connection. It makes you get a sense of what role energy work, whole nutrition and essential oils can have on our overall well and why I want to delve deeper into this area with you.

Know that you are always receiving energy… it’s what we were made for. It is just how we function at the soulcentric machine level. Figuring out what you’ll do with your energy and how you’ll clear out the negative energy is what the journey is. It’s not all about the zeny zen. It’s about that inner connection to opening up the reception for what you are about to receive and living your healthiest life. Every week I am going to hopefully bring you some information about many things that impact all of these areas including biofilms, relationships, plants, animals, different varieties of energy work and functional exercises as well as aromatherapy. Head over to to grab the free Essential Oils For Emotional Balance for a limited time. It’s some ideas for beginners to help you start incorporating oils into life and start using the power of nature right now.

I have talked a lot about epigenetics and there is a fantastic book that I will put into the show notes called, ‘When All Else Fails’.

And this is so important with the new discoveries in epigenetics about passing on our emotional stuff to our children. What are your children really inheriting? What haven’t you dealt with yet that you need to address. These are some very important ideas that we need to delve into, don’t you think?


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