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HydrationSupplementation Products I Life Essentially Certified Personal Trainer

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HydrationSupplementation Products I Life Essentially Certified Personal Trainer

I wanted to really give a focus in on the Ripstix Fitness Supplementation products for any of your that are interested because it's been glossed over a bit here and there. Several changes happened from the original products including removing two ingredients which I believe has made Ripstix the top fitness line out there. As a certified personal trainer, and group fitness instructor I can say this speaking from a very credible place in this industry. 

Ripstix Hydrate: An all natural product that can be consumed by both adults and children. Delivers powerful electrolytes during the day. Can replenish those key molecules any time of the day. Cramps are often caused by a lack of essential electrolytes. 

Ripstix Ignite: An amazing pre-workout supplement that is designed to increase our metabolic rate. Reach that high caloric stage quicker in your workout. Also muscle promoting activities like creatine, which stimulates muscle growth. L-Carnitine and several other compounds that actually function to build stronger muscles. 

Ripstix Fuel: Slightly different electrolytes than you see in hydrate. These are actually designed to have maximum electrolyte delivery because when working out you can sweat up to ten liters a day. So fuel delivers those electrolytes but more importantly it delivers those key monosaccharides. What are monosaccharides? These are molecules that our cells recognize and take in to create energy for ourselves and for our muscles to work. Monosaccharides are actually the only source that our that our cells can recognize. So by converting and delivering monosaccharides in their basic form our cells are able to take them up quicker, faster, and deliver that spike in energy that we need to sustain our workout. 

Ripstix Recover: This is an amazing post workout supplement that delivers the nutrients that our body needs to not only recover from the intense workout we had to stimulate muscle growth, muscle endurance, but it also has critical compounds in there that help to facilitate joint healing and remove joint inflammation. 

When these products are used in combination with each other you are able to maximize the efforts they have while working out. 

So let's address concerns you may have. 

Is it safe for kids? 

Hydrate is definitely safe for kids. This product was actually formulated to be all natural, no stimulants, and able to be consumed throughout the day. It is the only product in this four product line that children should be using daily. 

Now Ignite has powerful stimulants in it. This is NOT recommended for individuals under the age of 18 or those that have problems or concerns, or similar restrictions when it comes to using XM+ and XM Burn products. 

Fuel is a high caloric drink. It is okay for a child to use say if they are competing in an endurance cross country event, stimulant free. 

Recover is also stimulant free. It is also safe for children but it is designed for those that have had a strenuous workout. 

Next question: Why fructose and glucose? {this is where dextrose was removed...yay!}  Fructose and  glucose are separately monosaccharides, but together are disaccharides. Disaccharides are formed by the condensation reactions of two simple sugars. Your body is not able to utilize the energy that is found in sucrose. Your body has to break down the sucrose in order to get to those monosaccharides that it needs. Fructose is found in nature as fruit sugar. Glucose is more like what you will find in your more complex carbohydrates. By being used independently they are able to enter the cells faster. Your cells have a glucose receptor that ONLY allows glucose to enter, not any other compound. The glucose then goes through what is called the citric acid cycle to eventually to make ATP. 

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is a highly intricate chemical compound that is formed during energy production. As the foods that we eat are metabolized, ATP is created and stored in all of the cells throughout our bodies. It is especially stored in our muscle cells. As ATP is broken down, our bodily cells are enabled to perform their duties. Besides the energy that is created, another chemical called ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) is also created.

For losing weight does that mean, a couple of things to you, especially if you’re trying to lose weight by exercising on a regular basis. Adenosine Triphosphate is the primary chemical compound that fuels your ability to engage in physical activity. Without it, your muscles are unable to perform at a level that you desire. Without this nutritional support and oxygen, your ATP levels would be depleted and unable to regenerate. Regular physical activity, a diet filled with nutrient-packed foods, plenty of fresh water and attentive deep breathing will all act in conjunction to optimize your energy production.

So think of that ATP as the currency of your cells. It allows your cells to carry out their enzymatic activity at an exceptionally high rate. 

What is Ribose? 

Ribose is exclusively found in Fuel. It is an amazing monosaccharide, but not necessarily utilized for energy but is actually the energy backbone. So thinking about endurance training, glucose enters the cell and the cell makes the ATP. 1 molecule of glucose will actually yield 36 molecules of ATP. 

The ATP has a chemical structure that is actually derived from Ribose. So as glucose is making energy, making ATP cellular ATP, our cells is taking this Ribose making slight modifications to it, putting a phosphate group on it so forth, and what that is is then our cells are able to utilize that ribose molecule for it's energy in itself. It doesn't stop there. Ribose is actually also structurally used to make DNA and RNA. The critical components as our muscles are growing and needing a higher energy demand it is critical we give our body the foundational tools so that they can build. When we link a bunch of those Ribose molecules together what we are actually making is RNA. And then our cells with make small structural changes and actual make DNA. I think this is essential to understand. 

Ignite, the pre-workout supplement, it is not meant for the mall walkers to be blunt. This is not like some of the other energy boosting products you may have used. It contains caffeine, derived from coffee arabica. It also contains AMP, an herbal extract derived from pouchong tea. This new stimulant has been nicknamed “DMAA-lite” and is quickly making waves in the nutrition industry. DMAA, was a pharmaceutical drug invented and developed by Eli Lilly and Company that was very dangerous and added to a lot of energy drinks and supplements. It was banned with good reason, and is very different from AMP, just to make sure you know if anyone asks. It also has B12. These are also in XM Burn and what gives us that increased metabolic output, but in XM Burn at a lower rate of use. So major athlete... Ignite. Housewife... XM Burn or XM+ Energy. Got it? Ignite also has critical components, one of which is based on dilation. It increases blood flow because while we are exercising our muscles are starving for nutrients. L-arginine when utilized specifically by itselt it increases the dilation. Ignite has the muscle building properties of creatine mono-hydrate a component found naturally in the body. It signals the body that muscles are building and growing and stimulates that. 

Recover tastes absolutely spectacular. Our body can look at our workout as stressful and close off, or positive and starts building muscles. Nutrition is the key. Largely this is derived by BCAA's (branch chain amino acids), three amino acids. Together these three amino acids have unique functions. They are able to stimulate to the body that the nutrients are there for muscle building. Muscles recover greater and grow more effectively. We also look at our joints. They added the combination of the BCAA's with glucosamine compounds to facilitate cartilage growth and proper joint health. Finally the sore muscles are lactic acid and so it's critical to remove that as quickly as possible. To do that we use the natural ingredient that makes our vegetables green, chlorophyll, to remove that lactic acid. 

Finally the most important question I get, how are the products flavored? How are they colored?

Flavored : Utilized all natural flavors across the board. None of the garbage "natural flavors" as they don't use those ever. 

Colored : 
Hydrate Beet Juice Powder with Elderberry
Ignite: Orange from the fruit Annatto which is very rich in beta carotene. My personal opinion is that some people due to methylation issues cannot convert beta-carotene to retinal effectively. This is why you have to watch even for natural coloring if you have genetic or epigenetic issues.
Fuel: Beet Juice in combination with Elderberry
Recover: Chlorophyll

They are all naturally sweetened with stevia. Several of the products originally had 1% Sucralose in them {which you may see in the original info videos}, but our team pushed and the company removed that small amount of artificial sweetener from all of the products!! I love that about this company that they listened, and created change. Amazing!!!

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