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Why Opinions Are No Longer Free I Life Essentially

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Opinions Are No Longer Free

It used to be that you could say that you used a product and it worked amazing for you.

It used to be that you could cheer for something that you were passionate about.

It used to be that you could share clinical data with others to help them with their disorders.

But even as that is your own opinion, your own passion, your own experience and backed by proven data there are those in the system that are on a witch hunt. This is turning the world of Essential Oils upside down. I have seen a lot of hub bub out there today over the compliance changes for one of the big three essential oil direct sales companies today, and I have to tell you that if I were a rep for that company I would be nervous that I had so many "cannot' do items and so little right to my own opinion. We join these companies because we are passionate about their products, and yes, they have to protect their brand. Right?

But when you join it's your business, and your opinion to share your stories. Those stories are what connects people to your brand. If you cannot even link your blog or social media website to your company website, you can only use company approved claims. Doesn't sound like a sound business idea. But I get it. But here is the deal. You should still have the right to your opinion. But just know, you can't use their name.

I know everything... but sorry I can't tell you about it. ;) 

Why Opinions Are No Longer Free I Life Essentially Aromatherapist

So this is the day and age that we are in. With companies having to tighten down the hatch and thus you can't use their NAME, or even LINK to their website for fear that some government agency will come along and close their doors.

I find it completely sad and silly in fact.

People don't believe it when they see some post that tells them the number one killer in Africa could have been cured with one little drop of clove and frankincense, do they?

Well at least not anyone that has educated themselves at all on the essential oils.

So why not just look for those that are claiming to cure without the back up of clinical data. I love clinical data for a huge reason... it was proven.

But what about a company that is allowed to say that they offer "natural" foods. Or even worse that they aren't required to tell you that they are selling you genetically modified foods. Or that you are inhaling toxins in your home and that it could be deadly in the long term.

No... instead we just don't talk about it. They are okay and good to go by the agency agendas.

Vaccines and implications to those with burdened immune systems, epigentic mutations or methylation disorders? Those aren't talked about. We can't talk about anything that isn't approved.

The APA saying that children should be fed organic? No one (even most pediatricians) aren't even talking about that. So stop trying to say that organics are better will you!

This is where we are heading. No opinions. No choices.

What do you think about this direction, and would you leave your company if you had to remove ALL of the information on your social media sites and websites that would share that you are independently selling a product that you know people are looking for?


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